• Industrial Tourism Coruña
    "Industrial Tourism province of A Coruña" is a complete guide that includes all industrial tourism resources in the province of A Coruña. Visit industrial enterprises, artisan workshops and find restaurants, accommodation, active tourism companies, shopping... everything the tourist may need to plan and enjoy the trip.
  • What to visit?

    Discover the industrial, tourism and natural heritage of the province of A Coruña and its relationship with the productive and industrial sector.

  • Active Tourism
    Industrial Tourism province of A Coruña offers to the visitors experiences to enjoy nature andleisure. Trekking, cycling, horseback riding… Visit natural areas like the Natural park "Fragas do Eume", Costa da Morte or Serra da Capelada...

  • Tourism Offer

    The industrial tourism website offers to the visitors the most outstanding tourim offer on accommodation and restaurants all over the region.

  • Discover the industry of Coruña

    The enterprises of Coruña open their doors to let the tourist know the productive process of its products, from the most traditional methods to the most machining and industrialized.

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The Pazo de Galegos business, founded in 1990, is a small family winery, located on a land historically dedicated to vineyards. Managing the whole proccess of wine elaboration, from the vine...

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A Casa da Meixida, built in Galician stone and wood, is surrounded by a state of 8000 m2, which allows its hosts to enjoy an extraordinary calm surrounded by a green landscape in a truly Galician...

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The group of the tungsten and tin mines of San Finx stopped all activity in 1989. Though they could have been worked before in a traditional way, the industrial mining started at the beginning of...