Cadenote is a nautical company with over 20 years of experience, located in the Marina Sada. Among its activities, we can point out the homologated school for degrees and the School of Nautical Trades, the charter or excursions on sailing boat across the Ría, the candle-making workshop… It also has a spare part store, a workshop for maintenance and repairs, making of riggings and fishing tackles, boat sale and representation of important firms.

Tourism Product

Guided, arranged visits to get to know the design, cut and making of sails and tackles. Previous appointment and check conditions.
Ship routes to Ares, Redes, Sada, Lorbé, etc.; prices vary depending on the ship and length of the trip.
School of Nautical Degrees to acquire the necessary degrees to command boats and the School of Nautical Trades. More information and prices in the website, phone, and Sada offices.


Contact with the establishment beforehand to arrange the visit.