Marina Seoane, experienced illustrator and artisan, opens the door to her workshop to show us her illustrations, published in numerous publishing houses during 35 years, and her craftwork. She works on unique pieces with diverse and natural materials: puppets, tapestries, necklaces, jewellery… In her workshop, she aims to show children the world of creativity and craftwork through several workshops focused on families.

Tourism Product

The visits to show her work in the workshop are free, previous appointment needed. Visits with a workshop for adults and families (minimum of two people and maximum of eight, previous appointment needed) can be made on Thursdays (12:00-14:00 or 17:00-19:00) and Saturdays (12:00-14:00 or 17:00-19:00).
The visit’s price with a two hour workshop, materials included, is 15 euros for adults and 12 for children. Families of over three members will have a 10% discount. Workshops can be a day or several, as agreed.
They can be one or several days, with two or more days recommended in order to have a finished product.
1. Introduction to illustration: making of one or several illustrations for a literary text, poetry or prose. Materials: pencils and watercolours.

2. Guiñol workshop: making of a guiñol with newspaper of papier maché.

3. Puppet workshop: making of a puppet with different materials (papier maché, wood strips, ropes…)

4. Plaster mask workshop: making of a mask with plaster, cardboard and acrylics.

5. Paper and cardboard mask workshop: making of simple mask for the youngest customers. Five years or older.

6. Rigid loom tapestry workshop: Making of a small tapestry with natural fibres (linen, cotton, raffia…) and objects such as branches, shells, stones…


Contact with the establishment beforehand to arrange the visit.