The Salto da Ventureira and Power Plants on Eume's River

The Salto da Ventureira and Power Plants on Eume's River

In 1901, the "Electra Industrial Coruñesa" introduced the draft for the construction of the hydroelectric plant of the Salto da Ventureira (also known as Central de A Capela), that started to function on 1903. In the following years it was connected to other plants on the surroundings and augmented its productive capacity, until it closed in 1959, with the launching of the neighbouring Central do Eume.
It is located in a magnificent natural setting, on the heart of the Fragas do Eume, and close to the plant, that can be visited from the outside, run several senderistic routes. Following the one leading, over the southern shore of the river, towards the monastery of Caaveiro, that passes near the Central do Eume, very close to the Salto da Ventureira and, later on, near the small plant of "O Parrote". It is a marked path and easy to follow on foot, even though there is a significant difference in height towards the river.


One can go by car until the Salto. From the AC-564 road (Ferrol-As Pontes de García Rodríguez), taking the dotur towards the south in As Neves, crossing the village of do Eume y Gunxel towards the Salto da Ventureira, following a narrow road with some stretches of considerable difference in height.

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More information on the Salto da Ventureira on the BUXA (Asociación galega de patrimonio industrial) web page.