Ethnographic Ensemble of Costa da Égoa Mills

Ethnographic Ensemble of Costa da Égoa Mills

The mill ensemble on the Costa da Égoa is formed by fourteen mills over the course of the Abelleira river, mainly linked to milling wheat for bread. On top of the beauty of the landscape, the ensemble is very interesting for its educational value, because there can be discerned three sequences of mills (from the oldest to the most recent) on the way to the ruins of a small light house, which allows us to confirm the evolution and the techniques employed in this type of facilities.
The greater part of the mills are located on a small stretch, that can be easily accesses from the Interpretation Cnetre (that also organizes many activities), they are restored and have signposts and explciative panels, in a path easily traversed. There is also a marked route (PR-G 101 Roteiro Mariñán Costa da Égoa), of a lenght of about 12 km, that goes from thC urban centre of Carral to the mills ensemble.
In the Concello of Carral it is also remarkable the existence of the purification plant of Cañás, opened in 1908 and still in use. Nowadays it's being managed by EMALCSA, Empresa de Aguas de Coruña, that allows group visits with previous notification (Phone number 981 154 080; E-mail


Arriving at the Conjunto Etnográfico following a detour signalled from the 22,5 kilometer of the N-550 road, after the crossroads of As Travesas.

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