Settled in the peculiar locality of Caión, Mariscos del Noroeste treasures more than 25 years of experience. It is a quaint purification plant in an old whale setting where they distribute and sell mainly spider crab, brown crab, lobster, mussel, clam and cockles. Mariscos del Noroeste also has magnificent facilities, surrounded by the sea of more than 800 m², that includes a total of 15 piscines for the gathering of live crustaceans, 12 piscines for bivalve mollusks and a cold room for the frozen product.

Tourism Product

Guided free visits to the facilities to learn the methods used on the mollusk extraction. We will get close to the piscines so that you can observe the diverse types. To groups or individuals, from Monday to Friday, with previous notice. The visits can be done in Galician and Spanish.


Contact previously with the establishment to arrange the visit.