Caminos de tierra y agua

Let yourself go along the dirt and water paths if what you like is a good meal and a good drink. It is easy to associate Galicia with products as famous as wine, liqueurs, bread, cheese, fish and seafood, and top it off with the Padrón peppers! Through these routes you will get to know the key to the quality of our cuisine: the land and water of Galicia.

El camino literario de Rosalia

We propose a two-day journey from Ribeira to Rois, in which you will get to know food products that are most characteristic of the places described in the famous poems by Rosalía de Castro. If you are a lover of literature and good food this is your tour!

Ruta de queso y miel

Through this route you will cross four municipalities in the interior of the province, where besides enjoying a few precious livestock places during your trip, you will know how two of the best-known cheeses from Galicia, the Tetilla and the Arzúa-Ulloa are made. You will love them!

Sabores del Ulla

Through this circular route around the La Coruña municipality of Vedra you will get to know the best kept secrets of the elaboration of its cheeses, breads and wines. One experience to live with all five senses.