Constuyendo lo cotidiano

If you're an inveterate curious person and like things well done you should not miss these routes! Ceramics, wool, glass, leather, silver, linen, stone, metal... you will know how the best professionals, using their creativity and sensitivity, mold plenty of raw materials to build true works of art and practical tools for everyday life. Approach them, because they are willing to share with you all their secrets and tricks to create unique and singular pieces.

  • Cerámica del antiguo olimpo celta

    Through this route you will witness one of the art forms with more tradition and symbolism in Galicia, the ceramic. We propose an itinerary to last a number of days from Sada to Porto do Son. You can choose to do it all or by selecting the journey from the region you are in and depending on your availability. That will allow you to learn from the most traditional pottery to the most innovative one. 

  • La industria que dibuja el territorio

    We propose a two-day itinerary from Vimianzo to A Coruña that will allow you to understand the processes of manufacture of everyday items. They could be industrial such as in activities as varied as quarrying, manufacture of tiles, metal furniture or crystal and glass modeling or other craft as hide treatment and leather goods and jewelry manufacturing processing.

  • Mosaico de la industria textil

    With this industry and resources tour of A Coruña province, we suggest that you get to know the history of the textile activity through a two-day route through eight municipalities of the Costa da Morte, A Coruña and its metropolitan area. You will see activities and industries of great importance in the development and projection of this recognized activity. You will be surprised!

  • Ruta de la Olería de Buño

    We invite you to know one of the oldest arts and crafts in Galicia, its famous pottery on this route through the the beautiful village of Buño. On this tour you will get to know more than more than 400 years of history, and the reasons that have been awarded it the gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts.

  • Ruta de la Electricidad

    With this two-day route around Noia, Carnota and Dumbría you will find out particularities in the production systems of this form of energy throughout recent history, while you contemplate magical spots that will “enlighten” your journey.