El mar y sus oficios

The sea in Galicia is generous. It gives us its landscape, its smell, its breeze, its sounds, its fish and seafood, even its algae. In addition, the sea is also the livelihood of thousands of Galician families. It is the historical, economic and cultural base of many of the trades that dot our shores: fishermen, shellfish, barnacle and mussel gatherers, netters, canners, etc. Through these routes you can reach all of them and learn first-hand about their way of life, their relationship with the sea, the important role of the woman, their fishing techniques, of the traditional way to fish, their values, etc. Come to The Death’s Coast (Costa da Morte) and to the Muros and Noia estuary. Fall in love with their people, beaches, ports, seaside villas, markets and their lighthouses... 

El Xallas, a un paso del Atlántico

Through this one-day route, we give you the opportunity to discover one of the most charming villages in Galicia, Olveiroa, in the municipality of Dumbría. You will get to know one of the pig farms that are so characteristic of this region. You will also discover reservoirs that generate energy and green-meadow landscapes dotted with native trees and centuries-old stilt granaries. You will breathe its tranquility!

Mujeres de A Costa da Morte


In this two-day journey along the coast from Malpica to Laxe you can live and understand the daily life of a professional from the sea, knowing first-hand the hard trade of shellfish gatherers, netters, canners... and the way of life of these experienced women from the sea of Costa da Morte (The Death’s Coast)

Sonidos del mar de ardora

Discover landscapes and towns along the rugged coast of Camelle to Fisterra during a three-day route that will be recorded in your retina forever. You will be accompanied by the melodies that leave the sea: the strength of their heavy rains, the sound of the sirens of the lighthouses, boats and fish markets, the melodic sound of the "oscillating stone", the chanting like at the auctions, the clanking sounds of the cans in the canneries... Sharpen your senses and discover all the secrets that this rich culture seafood keeps!