Nature and Energy

Discover the Ártabro Gulf through the beautiful landscapes that give us nature, an inexhaustible source of energy. Through these routes you will discover the highest cliffs in continental Europe, the giant ferns of the Fragas do Eume, flirty villas by the seaside, lookout points that will leave you speechless, a military heritage associated with the strategic situation of the territory, reservoirs so full of water like in legends and stones that are so large and heavy as enchanted beings who hide in them. In addition, you can get close to canning factories that have made the ocean and the nearby orchard their private pantry, plus the power plants that live on the energetic force of water, etc.

  1. Arquitectura del agua

    Discover the main attractions of the Ferrol estuary on this one-day route which we suggest. You shall be taken back in time and you will get to know the importance that the wind, water, and the sea have had in the development of this area

  2. Energía milenaria de Trasancos

    This 43 km route will allow you to know the coast of the municipalities of Narón, Ferrol, Valdoviño and Moeche. Decide and drop your routine in order to renew your energies in Trasancos.

  3. Mas allá del mar

    The sea will lead you on this two-day tour along wild nature on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, from Cedeira to the Ortigueira estuary. From one side to another, a nice ride along a coastal cliff waits for you with fantastic views and seasoned with the best tasty canned products in the area. Do not miss it!

  4. Ruta del Eume

    This three-day route will take you from an industrial profile village, As Pontes de García Rodríguez, to the largest of the exuberances of the Atlantic forests, crossed by the Eume River on its way to the sea.