Reinventing Foodstuff

Itineraries from the coast to the interior of A Coruña can be posed as a gastronomic luxury for all lovers of good food. Who wouldn't want you know the ins and outs of a shellfish farm of Costa da Morte, a bakery where one of most famous breads is baked in Galicia, or still an innovative company that bets on the properties of algae, the place where they make potato chips and the most popular churros, a factory of craft beer using Galician hops, a cheese factory with denomination of origin or an organic farm? These are little luxuries prepared for you, so that you can enjoy as never our best products.

Dulces y lácteos del Mandeo

This two-day route through Aranga, Curtis, Sobrado dos Monxes and Mesia, will take you to places crossed by the Mandeo River. You will discover natural, organic, traditional and innovative products.

La artesanía de la cerveza gallega

This two-day tour around Sada and Betanzos will take you to the history of the Galician craft beer. You will visit factories, goldsmiths and will travel along the route of the Hop and will enjoy the best craft beer.

Tradición e innovación en la mesa

We propose a two-day route through the A Laracha, Arteixo, A Coruña, Culleredo, Carral and Cambre counties. You will discover how those counties have evolved, through innovation and technology, various processes of agricultural and sea products. That will be an unforgettable experience that possibly you have not lived... yet.