Dolmen de Cabaleiros

The dolmen was declared Historical Monument in 1975
Dolmen de Cabaleiros
Dolmen de Cabaleiros
Provincial heritage
Terras da Comarca de Ordes » Tordoia

This dolmen of the Town Hall of Tordoia is located inside a stonework enclosure. Remains of the tumulus (mámoa) are preserved, covered of grass, and in the outskirts pines of great size can be seen.

Popularly known as "Casa da Moura" (the Moorish House) who, according to legend, carried the stone slab from far away, while she wove a dress with her hands.

It conserves six claves of a polygonal chamber of 3,10 x 2,70 m., And a height of 1,70 m. The cover slab, almost 4 x 3.40 m, has a considerable thickness.

The dolmen was declared Historical Monument in 1975



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