Arzúa, Boimorto, Melide, O Pino, Santiso, Toques, Touro and Vilasantar are the municipalities that make up this geodestination, cradle of the rivers Tambre and Mandeo but also crossed by the Ulla. Nature, heritage and gastronomy in equal parts in the interior of our province. We cannot forget the importance of the Way of St. James in this territory; it is crossed by the French Way as it passes through Melide, Arzúa and O Pino, the Primitive Way continues after passing through Toques, then the Northern Way joins the previous ones so as not to miss the delights of the Arzúa-Ulloa Cheese.



Espazos naturais: 


This reality can be seen in the spectacular images of the Tambre river along its entire length, the Mendo and Mandeo rivers from their source.



Forno dos Mouros: The so-called 'Forno dos Mouros' is a dolmen dated to year 3.000 before the current era. It is located in the place of Muruxosa in the municipality of Toques. It was declared a Good of Cultural Interest in 2011 and it is a destination not to be missed for anyone interested in megalithic art. 



Queixo de Arzúa: Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin - PDO. Arzúa-Ulloa is the most produced and consumed in Galicia. The municipalities of the geographical area of PDO of the province of A Coruña are Arzúa, Boimorto, Curtis, Frades, Mesía, Ordes, Oroso, O Pino, Santiso, Sobrado, Toques, Touro, Vedra and Vilasantar.

Melindres de Melide: These small bagels, a typical Galician product, reach its excellence in this villa of the Way of Santiago, where is celebrated every year the Festa do Melindre e da Repostería tradicional da Terra de Melide.   

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