Terras da Comarca de Ordes

The destination Terras la Comarca de Ordes (Ordes Region) is formed by eight municipalities: Cerceda, Frades, Mesía, Ordes, Oroso, Tordoia and Trazo. In them you can find incredible natural landscapes, that are mixed  with history and architectural elements-artistic of big value patrimonial.

Espazos naturais: 

The Lagoon of the Brañas of Valgas with its Classroom of the Nature and Interpretation Centre is the ideal place to learn about the natural surroundings and the traditions and the history of the region due to in the past it existed here a mud deposit of the that extracted  this material to use it in the ceramic industry. 

The Green Road flows by the side of the River Lengüelle through the ancient route of the train that was operating A Coruña-Santiago line. This hiking and cycling route was inaugurated in the 2022 with support of the Deputation and the aim is that can arrive to Santiago soon. It is the only itinerary of this type on the province. Besides, like recreational areas in which enjoy a day can visit the Waterfall of Anxeriz or the Pedralonga one in Tordoia, also the Lake of the Encrobas in Cerceda. 



The dolmen of Cabaleiros (Tordoia) is one of the best preserved in Galicia from this period. It also receives the name of Casa da Moura, due to a old legend that narrates how it was seen to appear to a witch Moura weaving in its interior.

Historical heritage:

The medieval bridge of Sigüeiro was built in the 14th century by the almighty Galician nobleman Fernán Pérez de Andrade, that crosses the Tambre River and is part of the English Way. However, although it dates from medieval times, it underwent a major remodeling in the twentieth century and was recently expanded using strong concrete beams so that it could withstand the weight of heavy traffic in the area.

The Fortress Tower of Mesía began to be built at the end of the XIII century or at the beginning of the XIV. Due to the passage of time but especially to the Revoltas Irmandiñas what we can find today are ruins, but in its best days it was located at the head of the jurisdiction of Mesía, which covered 45 parishes, including the two neighboring towns.

Urban heritage:

Desordes Creativas is an international festival of street art that is celebrated every year in Ordes and that gathers in each edition a selection of autonomic, state and international artists.
It is a tool for urban regeneration, critical thinking and social dialogue, which turns disused or abandoned spaces into new places full of life and color for the collective enjoyment, creating a great public and free museum in the open air.


The product par excellence of the area is the trout, in addition there are multiple gastronomic festivals of exaltation of products and typical dishes such as: Festa da Troita, Festa do Champiñon, Festa do Lacón con Grelos...

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