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Forno do Forte
Costa da Morte » Malpica de Bergantiños
This museum located in Malpica de Bergantiños, exposes to the visitors the technology and the traditional way of life of the potters from Buño
Ethnographic Center of Teixeiro
As Mariñas » Curtis
The Ethnographic Center of Teixeiro houses a training and interpretation center around the Mandeo river and its riverside.
Monastery of  Caaveiro
Ferrolterra e Eume » A Capela
The Park of Fragas do Eume and the Deputación de A Coruña make available to the visitors a transport between the Visitor Reception Center and the Monastery of Caaveiro
Nature Interpretation Center (Coirós)
As Mariñas » Coirós
The center for interpretation of nature in Coirós is a reference point for the natural and environmental knowledge of the Mandeo river middle basin
Pazo de Mariñán
As Mariñas » Bergondo
The Pazo and its gardens are Historical-Artistic Site by Royal Decree of October 5, 1972.
Torres de Altamira
Terras de Santiago » Brión
This castle, built in the 9th century over a Celtic castro, was demolished in the fourteenth century by the Irmandiños and rebuilt in 1741.