Lighting of the cascada do Ézaro

At Easter starts the lighting season of the cascada do Ézaro
Ézaro Falls-Easter Lighting 2018
Ézaro Falls-Easter Lighting 2018
Costa da Morte » Dumbría
29 March to 31 March
O Ézaro, Dumbría

Fervenza do Ézaro, the Ézaro waterfall, is located in O Ézaro (Dumbría) and is an amazing spectacle. The Xallas river, also known as Ézaro, impregnates and determines the character of the municipality of Dumbría, crossing it crosses it from North to South, and flowing directly into the Atlantic Ocean as a waterfall.

Before becoming a waterfall, it is hold back by four reservoirs. At the end of the river, it has an incline about 155 metres and the waterfall height is 40 metres. An unique scenary!!

Fervenza do Ézaro can be seen with water 24h every day. The night lighting starts, the season 2018, in Holy Week. You will enjoy this spectacle the nights of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday 31 March, from 22:00 to 23:00h.

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