Dolmen de Axeitos

The megalithic monument named "Dolmen de Axeitos" would fall into the category of deposits called polygon chambers with intratumular corridor.
Dolmen de Axeitos
Dolmen de Axeitos
Provincial heritage
Barbanza-Arousa » Ribeira

The megalithic monument called "Dolmen of Axeitos" would fall squarely within the type of sites called polygonal chambers with intratumular corridor.

Although Axeitos was not, for now, the object of archaeological excavations, the results obtained in other sites with very similar characteristics, such as Dombate (Cabana de Bergantiños) or Forno dos Moros (Toques), allow us to reconstruct, although in a rough and provisional way, its archaeological record.

Succinctly, the megalithic monument of Axeitos consists of a mound of about 30m in diameter (nowadays very disfigured), probably covered by a stony shell, which hosts inside a complex architectural structure consisting of a polygonal chamber and, according to all indications, an intratumular corridor oriented to the SE and differentiated in plan and height. 

This megalithic jewel thus becomes a must-see when visiting the Barbanza region. 



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