Autumn, winter and spring in Fragas do Eume

Ferrolterra e Eume » Monfero

Each season of the year arrives loaded with an immense variety of sensations. The landscapes vary magically in each season. To know the different landscapes that nature offers us throughout the year there is nothing better than swallowing in a forest. In the Fragas do Eume we can enjoy with all the senses of such rich diversity: the colors, the fruits, the resurgence of the flowers, the fall of the leaf, the appearance of mushrooms ... If the spectacle of nature is complemented by the popular architecture existing in the territory like the mills, the bridges, the corripas, etc. the experience can be of great benefit to the school community.

With this option, we have the possibility to visit part of the Fragas and the Monastery of Caaveiro, located in a privileged place, surrounded by the River Eume and the River Sesin and offering a panoramic dream of a magic forest.

For access to the Monastery there is a limit of buses with 35 seats maximum. If the visit is made with a large bus, it is obligatory to access the monastery on foot, which is a walk of approximately 7 kilometers.

Dates: On request

Hours: On request

Duration: Variable, between two and four hours

Guide: Yes

Price: € 4 per school

Nº of places: Limited to buses of maximum 35 places