Center of Interpretation of the water mills of the Costa da Morte

Costa da Morte » A Laracha

In this museum the visitor will discover the ingenuity of our ancestors to obtain from the nature sources of energy that facilitate their work and improve their quality of life. Through photographs, maps, documents, texts and real pieces of mills you will be able to know how it was working and the different types that exist in Galicia.

It should be noted that in the enclosed area where the Interpretation Center of the Water Mills of the Costa da Morte is located, there is a large garden area with children's playground, making the place ideal for school visits. The building is also located in a rural area, located next to the Acheiro river valley.

In addition, to complement the visit is offered the possibility to travel to the river walk of the river Anllóns and to know the interior and the operation of the restored water mills that are there.

Dates: On request

Hours: On request

Duration: Approximately one hour

Guide: Yes

Price: Free

Nº of places: From 25 to 50 students