Etnografic Museum of A Capela

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The Ethnographic Museum of A Capela is a network of museums related to each other, born in this town in 2001, with the aim of making ethnography itself a tourist resource of interest, both for the visitors and for the neighborhood. It carries out a work of compilation and recovery of different elements related to the human life of this territory, putting in value the totality of the elements that conform the cultural code of a town.

Today, this network includes the Casa do Pazo where visitors can see how families lived, produced and consumed within a subsistence economy, the Sesín Ethnographic Park where the secular relationship between human being and the natural environment is shown and the Museum of the School that allows us to know the secrets of teaching in A Capela since the late nineteenth century.

With this didactic proposal,  the approach to the culture of our country is offered to the educational community, which nowadays schoolchildren see so far away from the ways of life of today's technology society.

Access to the museum website

Dates: On request

Hours: On request

Duration: Between one hour and one hour and average

Guide: Yes

Price: € 1 / school for groups of more than 15

Nº of places: 50, divided into two groups