Forest of Casás

Ferrolterra e Eume » Cerdido

The Fraga dos Casás (Forest of Casás) is one of the last strongholds of the native Atlantic forest. It is located next to the River Mera, between Fragas del Eume and Grañas del Sor. In it we can appreciate its richness and arboreal variety: yews, oaks, chestnut trees, cherry trees, xibardas, sanguiños ...

Hidden in the forest there is a great variety of ornithological species that soften the place with its songs and the mycological variety makes this forest an ideal destination for people who love mushrooms.

During the visit will take a lot of protagonism the varied anthropological remains as coal forges or caves of the urchins. A natural habitat that transports us to past times. Highly recommended for nature lovers.

Dates: from Monday to Sunday

Hours: on request

Duration: half-day or full-time

Guide: Yes

Price: Free

Nº of places: about 50-55 students