Batáns do Mosquetín

Set of civil architecture composed of three fullers and six mills
Batáns de Mosquetín
Batáns de Mosquetín
Provincial heritage
Costa da Morte » Vimianzo

The Batáns de Mosquetín is a set of civil architecture composed of three fullers and six mills.

Located in the City Council of Vimianzo next to the Rio Grande, they form an ethnographic sample around the use of water for the artisan industry.

The fullers used hit to the fabrics, especially pieces of linen and wool, are typical buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that are not easy to find in our rivers nowadays.

Mills, traditional buildings to grind the grain, were of great importance in the local economies and abound throughout the Galician geography.

This set of ethnographic architecture was rehabilitated by the Deputación of A Coruña in 1997, becoming an interpretation center opened to anyone who wants to visit it.


From October  to Easter:

Free  admission

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm

Guided tours from 12 am to 5 pm (saturdays, sundays and holidays)

Visitors phone service (from monday to friday): 981 716 354 (ext. 1235)

More info: Vimianzo Council tourism service:

With colaboration of Vimianzo Council