The animated forest

A Coruña e As Mariñas » Cambre

The great manor houses are still admired nowadays. There are numerous houses in Galician geography. This pedagogical option offers the possibility to visit two houses with a special charm, located in unique environments that will help us to make a small trip in time and to know the forms of life that were housed in these buildings of great historical and artistic value.

In this visit you try to know how life was inside a pazo and how its environment is.

In the case of Villa Florentina located next to the Fraga of Cecebre, we find a spectacular space that came to inspire one of the great Galician novels: 'O bosque animado', author Wenceslao Fernandez Florez. In this house, which has become the writer home-museum, you can take a tour through the life and work of this fundamental writer of our literature.

The other visit that this proposal includes is the approach to Pazo de Mariñán which marks a landmark in the region and in the province of S. XVIII. In the case of the Pazo de Mariñán, together with its majestic gardens, it conforms to an historical-artistic and monumental setting.