The education and knowledge acquired in compulsory education mark educational bases for the human being. In this way arguments and value judgments are forged so the students will be able to apply them to the rest of their life activities, providing them with tools for their future formation.

The field of social sciences does not escape this concept. Moreover, it becomes a basic tool to know the environment and the history that surrounds us. Under this premise several routes that combine the promotion of the perception of the environment in which the students live are proposed. These routes  complete and complement the training materials of the classrooms.

From the Deputación de A Coruña, work is in progress towards the conservation and the preservation of the heritage of the province for which the Deputacion is responsible. That is why creating synergies between the cultural heritage and the children becomes a primary objective that provides values ​​and knowledge from childhood.


As can be seen in this space, we offer, on the one hand, routes through heritage resources of the Deputacion de A Coruña and, on the other hand, proposals from the municipalities.

Target audience?

The program is aimed at students between 4 and 16 years old, from any school in the province of A Coruña.

The Deputación de A Coruña and different town councils offer a guide who will be responsible for explaining the most outstanding and interesting points of the place on each visit. They have a playful and formative character so that the little ones enjoy learning. Experience and research the heritage around you!

How long is each visit?

As regards the heritage of the Deputación de A Coruña, the tours and activities are organized so that each visit lasts about two hours, with time to draw, write, walk and know not only the place but also the environment. As for the municipal proposals, the duration will vary according to the case.

How much does it cost?

Visits to the patrimonial assets of the Deputación de A Coruña are free. In relation to the municipal proposals, there are resources whose visit is free and others in which it is not, presenting variations in the price according to the case.

Timetible and places

To reserve the date and route, the teaching staff must contact the Deputación de A Coruña from where the availability and capacity of each visit will be confirmed.

For any doubt or clarification you can contact the Deputación, which will resolve all those unknown aspects in the phone 981 08 07 53 or in the mail

Contact / Reservation

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Costa da Morte » A Laracha

In this museum the visitor will discover the ingenuity of our ancestors to obtain from the nature sources of energy that facilitate their work and improve their quality of life.

Ferrolterra e Eume » Ortigueira

Hiking route that goes from the port of the fishing parish of Ladrido to the beach of Esteiro.

During your tour you can visit several castros, lookouts and cliffs.

Dates: On request. From Monday to Saturday

Hours: On request.

Ferrolterra e Eume » As Pontes de García Rodríguez

As Campeiras is a center of environmental education that is in the city of As Pontes.

Costa da Morte » Ponteceso

Beautiful itinerary that runs beside the river Anllóns, for which there is access by bus. Over a half-dozen kilometers, which can be completed with low difficulty, it is possible to see how the riverside forests protect and conserve the richness of our rivers.

Ferrolterra e Eume » Mañón

Visit to the most northern point of the Iberian Peninsula and the Coído de Bares, port of Phoenician origin according to authors. The spectacular landscape, which is also a meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ferrolterra e Eume » A Capela

The Ethnographic Museum of A Capela is a network of museums related to each other, born in this town in 2001, with the aim of making ethnography itself a tourist resource of interest, both for the visitors and for the neighborhood.

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